BEWARE: Fake Facebook News Site Trying To Rip Off Filipinos

A fake Facebook news site has stolen untold amounts of money from honest Filipinos. Using the headline ‘Facebook Pays Philippines Residents ₱11,562/day To Work From Home’, these unscrupulous but sophisticated online scammers are using no less than 15 dirty tricks to pull off their fraud. There is

Viral Video: Two Guys Fight In Middle Of MRT!

Picture this: you’re in the middle of a hot, crowded MRT when two guys next to you break out into an all-out fist fight! The chaos and even panic that this caused amongst the commuters is all too clear, even though the video itself is grainy.

Viral: Pacquiao’s Mom Destroys The Planet!!

Pacquiao’s mom is the bomb. Anyone who can spawn one of the greatest boxers of all time is herself a national treasure. We’ve seen countless examples of her good heart and sense of humor and she clearly would do anything for her son. When

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